inclusion through crowdfunding


2 years

5 EU countries, 6 partners involved

proposal design & writing, creative direction, visual identity design, website and media production.

INCROWD wants to offer disadvantaged young people a new and innovative tool to make their voices heard and to enjoy the opportunity to participate as engaged and committed people in the development of more inclusive and active communities and cities. It does so by offering crowdfunding as a disruptive and powerful instrument for starting a social innovation project, as well as for collecting funds and engaging citizens.

The idea has been designed and developed by Tree with 5 partners, including crowdfunding platforms, universities and VET providers. The proposal has been accepted for funding by the European Commission through the Erasmus+ funding instrument.

The project run until May 2023.

During the project’s execution, Tree leads the design and development of the project’s engagement strategy, delivering the following:

  • Project visual identity
  • Online and Offline deliverables (communication materials)
  • Website
  • Social media strategy
  • Multimedia content (infographics and videos)

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