Luigi Della Sala

Founder & Partnership Director

Luigi is a creator, writer and project manager who aspires to have a real impact on the people and communities to whom his projects are addressed.

Based in Brussels, with over 10 years of experience in the field of European projects, he considers himself knowledgeable of the jungle of European funding programs, which means he is not surprised when he discovers a new one.
He has the ambitious goal of helping to close the gap between the European bubble in Brussels and the voice of people, territories and communities. Luigi loves working on ambitious and concrete projects, guided by personal and positive motivations and emotions, collaborating with open-minded dreamers and just-doers. He is deeply convinced that luck is an attitude that affects brave, confident and idealistic people, who see difficulties and challenges as possibilities and not as problems. With this spirit, he manages each project, feeding his collaborators and clients with great work, good stamina and healthy smiles.

Marta Cotza

Digital strategist

Marta is a digital strategist and she takes care of understanding the specific needs of customers, finding the best ways to satisfy them and to reach the set goals.

She lives in milan but loves to travel and work with people from all over the world, for years she has traveled a lot.

Marta has ten years of experience in the world of communication and she has the passion to find the idlee way between the digital technical tool and the human mind.

Her favorite phrase is “digital is a multiplier. if you do not communicate value, multiplying for zero will give you zero results “.

For a few years she has also worked on the communication of projects with a strong social impact, so that these projects can reach as most people as possible in the most effective and engaging manner.

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Content designer &
Content creator

Caterina is a Content designer and creator who believes in the power of beauty and its ability to change people’s mindsets.

Thanks to her city, Milan, she has developed a great curiosity for the new and the unknown. 

Art and creativity are the “fill rouge” of her life; from her childhood, she started to create and build objects and images taking inspiration from the museum’s collections. She has studied art discipline and the history of art before getting into visual communication and the digital world.

One of the elements that helped Caterina to embrace and elaborate on humans kindness and feeling is made by volunteering in different areas such as education, the homeless issue, and management in  AIESEC.

She compares life to the mountain and the breath of freedom when at the top you see that the sky is no longer just a mirror, it surrounds you.