work in progress

fight hate speech, promote tolerance

2 years

4 EU countries, 8 partners involved

proposal design & writing, creative direction, visual identity design, website and media production.

FAST LISA’s main aim is to develop a data collection, capacity building and community engagement model targeting a group of young people who will become the ambassadors of online and offline raising-awareness actions, ultimately focused on detecting, understanding and combating hate speech online.

In a European scenario where online hate speech represents an increasing challenge for national governments, due to its elusiveness and to the lack an efficient reporting and counteracting, the project will produce a consolidated and cross-border standard protocol designed for local authorities, revolving around the multidisciplinary use of IT tools, legal knowledge and active participation of the youth. 

The idea has been designed and developed by Tree together with the University of Bologna, involving universities, NGOs and city governments. The proposal has been accepted for funding by the European Commission through the CERV funding instrument and the project will run until April 2024.

During the project’s execution, Tree leads the design and development of the project’s engagement strategy, delivering the following:

  • Project visual identity
  • Online and Offline deliverables (communication materials)
  • Website
  • Social media strategy
  • Multimedia content (infographics and videos)

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