work in progress

CREative MEdia Lab

2 years

5 EU countries, 6 partners involved

proposal design & writing, production of learning instruments and tools, media production.

CREMEL (CREative MEdia Lab) aims to create an international strategic partnership developing and testing innovative e-learning content and methodologies addressing Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs). CREMEL combines the development of new digital tools with training materials as open-source to help the highest number of CCI operators/professionals in remote and rural areas developing digital competences to adapt to the new digital transformation.

The idea has been designed and developed by Tree with 5 partners, including innovation centres, CCIs incubators and NGOs. The proposal has been accepted for funding by the European Commission through the Erasmus+ funding instrument and the project will run until December 2023.

During the project’s execution, Tree leads the design and development of learning instruments addressing CCIs operators and contributes to the project’s engagement strategy, delivering the following:

  • CCIs trainers’ guide
  • Multimedia content (infographics and videos)

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